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  A leading food production unit in Kerala
You are welcome to the commendable performance of ‘ZALLKAR’.
     We take proud pleasure in introducing ourselves as the oldest and most demanded food producers in Kerala. Our goal is to satiate your very needs. Be it the wedding of your dreams, a conference or any other special event, ‘ZALLKAR’ is the one-stop-shop. You are welcome to savour the flavour of our delicious delicacies. Our culinary skill is not based on competition. We set the standards for food production in its true sense. The combination and integration of diverse food production unit experiences create an atmosphere of excitement and novelty rivaled by no one.
Our establishment takes pride in being the oldest food producers in Kerala with a record of a long time service. We take even greater pride in being acknowledged as the best and top most.
We are dedicated in providing the highest quality food and service. We even concoct a ready menu to suit any occasion, ensuring you success and serenity. The customer-oriented service of ‘ZALLKAR’ brings the customers back again to enjoy the banquets.

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